Open Source solutions in the embedded world

28-29 September, 2023
Paris / Fondation Biermans Lapotre

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Thank you to all our speakers, sponsors and attendees for making  Embedded Recipes 2023 another excellent edition!

This year we are celebrating the 5th edition of the event, and also celebrating the handover of the event organization to BayLibre. But have no fear… while the event organizers are changing a bit, Embedded Recipes will continue in the same tradition that has been well established by hupstream. BayLibre will be closely collaborating with hupstream and will closely collaborate with Kernel Recipes to share resources, venue, catering etc. The people behind the scenes may be changing, but the same tradition of small, technically-focused, high-quality events will continue!

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Videos from Embedded Recipes 2023

Videos from Embedded Recipes 2023

The videos for all the Embedded Recipes 2023 talks have now been published online. This includes "The TTY Layer: the Past, Present, and Future" by Greg Kroah-Hartman: and "Using VirtIO for high speed container IPC with the Yocto Project and LXC" by BayLibre engineer...

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Slides and live streams from ER 2023

Slides and live streams from ER 2023

Embedded Recipes 2023 was a great success thanks to everyone! We posted on Twitter and Fosstodon during the event. We will soon be post videos for all the talks. In the meantime, here are the live stream recordings: Embedded Recipes Day 1 Embedded Recipes Day 2. Here...

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What is Embedded Recipes about

Past Editions

Have a look at Embedded Recipes 2019 and Embedded Recipes 2022


Meet some of the main contributors of the embedded world coming from the US and Europe. 


2 days, around 15 talks and lighting talks.


Thank you for a great conference. Looking forward to 2020!

Ricardo Ribalda

One of the best talks I have ever experienced at a tech-conf was the one from Helen Leigh. Combining Art and Technology and then making a tech-talk out of it. Want more of it.

Patrick B.

Thank you so much! It is a wonderful conference

Drew Fustini