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The Open Source solutions in the embedded world

30-31 may, 2022
Paris / Fondation Biermans Lapotre

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Embedded Recipes 2023

Work has begun on Embedded Recipes 2023, and we can’t wait to see you in Paris on September 28-29! This year we are celebrating the 5th edition of the event, and also celebrating the handover of the event organization to BayLibre. But have no fear... while the event...

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What is Embedded Recipes about

Embedded Recipes 2019

Have a look on the last edition, Embedded Recipes 2019


Meet some of the main contributors of the embedded world coming from the US and Europe. 


2 days, around 15 talks and lighting talks.


Thank you for a great conference. Looking forward to 2020!

Ricardo Ribalda

One of the best talks I have ever experienced at a tech-conf (@EmbeddedRecipes) was the one from @helenleigh (here showing the @BelaPlatform).

Combining Art and Technology and then making a tech-talk out of it. Want more of it.

Patrick B.

Thank you so much! It is a wonderful conference

Drew Fustini