Best practices for OTA update with SWUpdate

There are a high request for OTA update in field, and there is plenty of devices. SWUpdate is a generic framework for OTA update and it is already in service by many devices in field. However, as framework it should be correctly configured to the needs of the own project. A wrong configuration or a wrong approach can lead to a not reliable update that can brick the device, or can raise security leaks that allow attacker to take over the control of the device itself. This talk will show some of best practices, how to choose and implement the security according to the specific of a project and will help to avopid some of common mistakes when implementing an OTA update.

Stefano Babic, Denx

Video: YouTube


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Stefano Babic is a software engineer working on Emdedded Systems with over 25 years of experience. He is an enthusiast open source developer and maintainer in the U-Boot project for the NXP i.MX processors and he is author and maintainer for SWUpdate.