Automotive Grade Linux:
Status and Roadmap

The Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) collaborative open source project has been working since 2014 to enable a base platform for automotive products.  A lot has changed with respect to focus and technologies in AGL over the last few years, this session will attempt to give a brief, high-level overview of the current status of the project and the planned roadmap.

Scott Murray, Konsulko

Video: YouTube


Scott Murray headshot

Scott has been a Linux user for over 25 years, and has developed Linux based embedded products for almost 20 years at a variety of companies large and small. Currently, he works for Konsulko Group as a Principal Software Engineer, providing embedded Linux engineering services for Konsulko’s customers. He has been working on Automotive Grade Linux since 2016 and previously presented on various topics at ELC, Yocto Project DevDay, and AGL events.


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