Event Schedule




09h – 09h30

Coffee and Registration

9h30 – 10h Welcome 14h – 14h40

Eilís “pidge” Ní Fhlannagáin

Using VirtIO for high speed container IPC with the Yocto Project and LXC

10h – 10h40

Sebastian Reichel

Running FOSS on a Thermal Camera

14h50 – 15h30

Stefano Babic


Best practices for OTA update with SWUpdate

10h50 – 11h30

Pierre-Clement Tosi

Pocket-sized virtual machines:
booting small Linux payloads in Android

15h30 – 16h Break
11h40 – 12h20

Greg KH

The TTY layer:
the past, present, and future

16h – 16h40

Samuel Ortiz

Your Big Iron’s Unsung Little Hero: The Silicon Root of Trust

12h30 – 14h Lunch time 16h50 – 17h30

Philip-Dylan Gleonec

Pipewire as the heart of Linux-based audio system

  19h00 Embedded Recipes Evening Party




9h – 9h30

Coffee and registration

9h30 – 10h Welcome 14h – 14h40


Mario Sánchez-Prada

Add the power of the Web to your embedded devices with WPE WebKit

10h – 10h40

Tomeu Vizoso

Accelerated ML at the edge with mainline

14h50 – 15h30

Laurent Pinchart photo

Laurent Pinchart

Implementing ISP algorithms in libcamera

10h50 – 11h30


Ahmad Fatoum

One Image to Rule Them All:
Portably Handling Hardware Variants

15h30 – 16h00 Break
11h40 – 12h20

Jason Kridner

State of the Beagle:
BeaglePlay, BeagleConnect and beyond

16h00 – 16h40

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

Display support on Embedded Systems:
a tour of Linux implementation & limitations

12h30 – 14h00 Lunch time 16h50 – 17h30

Lightning Talk Round
Scott Murray headshotCharles-Antoine Couret headshot

1) Romain Gantois – Snagboot

2) Scott Murray –
Automotive Grade Linux: Status and Roadmap

3) Charles-Antoine Couret –
How to update our Yocto layer for embedded systems?