Pipewire as the heart of Linux-based audio system

Linux-based system design is a good example of the importance of proper hardware-software partitioning, and how it can affect the whole system’s performance. Last year, we detailed multiple complex architectures, how they handled unsynchronized audio signals and how it affected the system. One year later, we will discuss how recent advances in Pipewire helps manage asynchronous audio streams on multiple interfaces, and how it impacts system design.

Philip-Dylan Gleonec, Savoir Faire Linux

Video: YouTube


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Philip-Dylan joined Savoir-faire Linux as an embedded system engineer and free software consultant in September 2020. He has experience in both hardware and embedded software designs, in a range of fields including mobile telephony, video transmission systems, hardware acceleration, Internet of Things and industrial systems. With a background in both hardware and software, he develops drivers, BSP and middleware for various customers, with a focus on audio and real-time Linux systems.