Implementing ISP algorithms in libcamera

libcamera is the open-source camera framework for Linux systems. While its goals, architecture and application API have been presented in multiple conferences over the last years, little has been said of how to add support for a new platform. Following presentations at the Embedded Recipes 2022 and EOSS 2023 that focussed on the internal plumbing, this talk will explain for the first time how to handle the Image Signal Processor (ISP) algorithms.

The presentation does not require advanced technical knowledge of ISPs, but general awareness of libcamera is recommended.

Laurent Pinchart, Ideas On Board

Video: YouTube


Laurent Pinchart photo

Laurent Pinchart is the founder and CEO of Ideas on Board, a company specialized in delivering camera and display solutions for Linux across all markets. With 20 years of experience as a Linux kernel developer and maintainer, Laurent has driven the design of the Linux kernel camera API and has participated in multiple industry working groups to standardize camera protocols. Most recently, he has started the libcamera® project to give Linux a full camera stack in collaboration with silicon vendors and OEMs.