Inexpensive set-top boxes are everywhere and many of them are powered by AmLogic SoCs. These chips provide 4K H.265/VP9 video decoding and as of the last couple years, have a very good Mainline Linux and U-Boot support.

Unfortunately, most of the multimedia features, like Hardware Accelerated OpenGL ES, Video Decoding, Audio Playback, and Video Rendering were missing from Upstream projects like Linux, Mesa, Gstreamer or FFmpeg. Thankfully a growing community of independent developers have managed to get most of these features to work using upstream only source code.

Maxime will present the challenges and benefits to have Multimedia support using upstream projects and will detail the technical challenges to offer a complete Multimedia support on these Amlogic SoCs.

The audience is anyone interested in ARM SoCs, multimedia, upstream development process or learning more about the architecture of the AmLogic application processors.

Attendees can expect a presentation on the actual work of code upstreamed for the Amlogic SoCs, a multimedia overview and challenges on non-x86 platforms, an overview of the hardware architecture, and much more.

Maxime Jourdan, Baylibre