Can small companies upstream? The story of and Industrial Camera manufacturer.

Can small companies upstream? The story of and Industrial Camera manufacturer.

Even though anyone is invited to contribute to Open Source projects, the development is usually driven by  the big players of the industry (Intel, Red Hat, Linaro…). Trying to divert that development towards the interest of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) may look like an impossible task.

From its foundation, Qtechnology ( ) has Open Source engraved in its DNA. It is the  foundation for all our products. In this presentation we will show:

  • The challenges and rewards of more than two hundred patches upstreamed.
  • The impact of those contributions to the Community and to our Company.
  • What can be done, in our opinion, to encourage more contributions from SMEs.

Ricardo Ribalda, Qtechnology

A Linux enthusiast for more than 19 years, and a proud father for more than 19 months. Ricardo Ribalda is the Lead Firmware Engineer at Qtechnology, where he is helping to develop the next generation of  Industrial Cameras. He is a strong open source advocate with contributions to the Linux Kernel, coreboot and the Yocto Project among others.

U-Boot: can I understand it and contribute?

U-Boot: can I understand it and contribute?

U-Boot is a so huge project that it can afraid beginners (like me!) and curb them to participate in it. In this talk I will use my personal experience and show you how I started and what I did to improve my knowledge of U-Boot with concrete examples.

Loïc Devulder, SUSE

I joined SUSE in July 2017 as a QA engineer for HA and SAP products. I previously worked as a system engineer at PSA Group for 15 years where I was in charge of OS automated installation, HPC OS development and XEN HA clusters.

One of my hobby is to play with ARM64 Single Board Computer (SBC), and I try since now 2 years to have better knowledge of this platform and contribute on getting the openSUSE OS to work on some of these SBC.