Creating custom debian images for your embedded device

In this presentation, we will walk though how to get started using Debos to create Debian images for your cool new device. We will discuss how to combine a custom kernel with a Debian user space so you don’t have to rebuild the world, like with Yocto and Buildroot. Debos uses a YAML “recipe” to abstract common tasks and runs these commands inside a virtual machine. The end result is only limited by your imagination, but we will end up with a custom image for a device which can run both inside a QEMU virtual machine as well as on the Raspberry Pi. Chris will also discuss how to hook Debos into your CI system so that you can create and test images before merging important features.

Christopher Obbard, Collabora

Informal conference about embedded software and hardware – next edition, 30 and 31 may 2022

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