LLVM / Clang integration

Buildroot is a popular and easy to use embedded Linux build system. It generates, in few minutes, lightweight and customized Linux systems, including the cross-compilation toolchain, kernel and bootloader images, as well as a wide variety of userspace libraries and programs. 

This talk is about the integration of LLVM/clang into Buildroot.

In 2018, Valentin Korenblit, supervised by Romain Naour, worked on this topic during his internship at Smile ECS. After a short introduction about llvm/clang and Buildroot, this talk will go through the numerous issues discovered while adding llvm/clang componants and how these issues were fixed. Romain will also detail the work in progress and the work to be done based on llvm/clang libraries (OpenCL, Compiler-rt, BCC. Chromium, ldd).

Romain Naour