The Yocto Project provides an integrated environment to develop and debug custom embedded Linux systems, similar to commercial embedded Linux development environments.

In this talk, we will introduce the different parts and lexicon of the Yocto Project: poky, OpenEmbedded-core, bitbake, layers, recipes, machine, distro, etc. Different “How to” will be detailed: how to configure it, build an image from layers, create recipes and add a custom machine.

Throughout the talk, many good practices will be detailed. Thanks to that, the audience will have a good overview of Yocto Project and will know how to start using it in an effective way.

This talk is intended for developers or technical people who want to work/start with Yocto/Openembedded. Good practices are important when working with Yocto Project and will be detailed in this presentation.

No particular knowledge is required to attend this talk.

Mylène Josserand, Free Electrons

[slideshare id=80558453&doc=josserand-introduction-to-yocto-project-171007141942&w=650&h=500]